Ethiopia and Cuba have potential to diversify their relations

Havana, May 24 (Prensa Latina) Ethiopia and Cuba treasure long-standing relations and have great potential to diversify them, considered the new ambassador of that country on the island, Genet Teshone, who said he will work to achieve it.

Teshone traveled to Havana to present his credentials as new head of Mission, a position he will have to exercise from his country since Ethiopia was forced to temporarily transfer the operations of its embassy in Havana to Addis Ababa due to serious budgetary restrictions, as it did with others.

In conversation with Prensa Latina, the ambassador pointed out that the ties between the two countries are historic and in 2023 they will be celebrating the golden anniversary (50) of these ties, “so we are going to work to increase and diversify them”.

“Our relations are very strong, sustained by the blood of Cuban fighters who assisted the Ethiopian people in stopping and crushing the Somali invasion (1977-1978),” Teshone recalled, who previously served as the second head of his country’s embassy in China.

Subsequently, they grew and expanded. Cuba educated, he recalled, many young Ethiopians, including orphans of the conflict with Somalia.

The diplomat described as very good the cooperation in health in which doctors and other specialists have worked in Ethiopian hospitals providing medical and academic assistance. They have also collaborated in the transfer of technology.


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