Entrepreneurs in Costa Rica are interested in investing in Cuba

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San Jose, Mar 9 (Prensa Latina) Cuban business people who reside in Costa Rica, who are interested in investing in Cuba, participated in a meeting with Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment (MINCEX) Minister Rodrigo Malmierca on Wednesday to clear up doubts about that process.

From tourism, agriculture, associations with micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, imports and exports of Cuban products are among the interests of Cuban business people based in this Central American nation.

Initially, Malmierca explained that the new legislation in Cuba allows all this kind of business for Cubans who reside abroad, and even highlighted the interest in exploiting this niche to increase the participation of fellow citizens in dissimilar commercial and productive spheres.

He also noted that Cuba is currently working on the solution of some subjective obstacles, since the legislation is already clear that Cuba is open to investments by its residents abroad.

Other business people expressed their desire to open a franchise of one of the world’s famous Cuban restaurants in Costa Rica, for which both Minister Malmierca and Deputy Minister Deborah Rivas explained the steps to be taken and the possibilities offered today by online tools.

Rivas added that the MINCEX website has created the Single Window for Foreign Investment in which Cuban and foreign business people who want to negotiate or associate with Cubans, in both the State and private sectors, can find all the steps and requirements to meet to conclude the operations.

The pleasant dialogue, part of it during a personal exchange among the participants was also attended by Cuban Ambassador to Costa Rica Jorge Rodriguez, Minister Counselor Rogelio Curbelo, Third Secretary Jorge Abel Rodriguez and Second Secretary Maday Traba.

Malmierca and Rivas, as well as two other officials from MINCEX and the Foreign Ministry, are participating in Costa Rica in the 5th Forum of Latin America and the Caribbean Countries on Sustainable Development, organized by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (CELAC), which will conclude here on Wednesday.


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