Entities of Solidarity with Cuba remembered National Rebellion Day

Havana, July 27 (PL) Cuban Revolution and its validity in the current context and historical significance marked Friday the tribute of Latin American peoples to the National Rebellion Day of the Greater Antilles.

For one, the Paraguayan Communist Party (PCP) in Asuncion commemorated the 66th anniversary of the attack on the Moncada barracks, led by Fidel Castro, historical leader of the Cuban revolutionary process.

In statements to Prensa Latina, the general secretary of the PCP, Najeeb Amado, said that ‘it is always July 26 for those of us who defend the processes of social, political and economic transformation that surpass capitalism.’ 

In Buenos Aires, an evening full of symbolism, Cubans, Argentines and Latin Americans celebrated today the 66th anniversary of the assault on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes garrisons, a feat that opened the way to the triumph of the Revolution.

Date of great patriotism for Cubans, called National Rebellion Day, joined together at the Cuban embassy in Buenos Aires personalities, members of the diplomatic corps acccredited in this nation, representatives of the Solidarity Movement with Cuba and parliamentarians, on a day marked by feelings of brotherhood.

In Chile, hundreds of people came today to the call of the Chilean Solidarity Movement with Cuba to commemorate the 66th anniversary of the assault on the Moncada garrison, known as National Rebellion Day in the island.

The event, held at the headquarters of the Unitary Central of Workers (CUT), was a demonstration of support for the Cuban revolution and especially of rejection to the reinforcement of the blockade that the United States has maintained against that Caribbean nation for 57 years.

Among the performances of several Chilean artists remembered known pieces of the traditional and current Cuban trova, greetings were read from numerous social, neighborhood and political organizations in this southern country, accompanied by cheers to the Cuban Revolution and its historical leader, Fidel Castro.

In Panama, facing the bust of José Martí, intellectual author of the assault on the Moncada barracks, Cubans residing here, members of the official mission and Panamanian friends recalled today transcendental moments of this historical epic.

On behalf of the National Coordinator of Solidarity with Cuba, Javier Medina recalled the events that led in 1953 a group of young people led by Fidel Castro to take one of the most important strengths of the Antillean nation, nestled in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba 66 years ago.

Also, the Dominican Campaign for Solidarity with Cuba commemorated in Santo Domingo the 66th anniversary of the assault on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes barracks.

The rally was held at the headquarters of the Medical College of Santo Domingo, with the presence of members of the accredited Diplomatic corps in the country, political leaders, officials and friends of Cuba.

The campaign coordinator, Roberto Payano, delivered the initial words in which he welcomed all the participants and highlighted the event and what it means for the Dominicans.

Subsequently, the leading Dominican intellectual and friend of the island Chiqui Vicioso, presented about what she valued as the main cultural event in the region: The Cuban Revolution.


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