Ending U.S Embargo on Cuba is Good for Ag

The American Farm Bureau Federation today joined with 30 other agricultural organizations in announcing the formation of the U.S. Agriculture Coalition for Cuba (http://www.usagcoalition.com/).

Farm Bureau said the coalition would work with Congress and the president to bring about full normalization of trade relations between the two nations so that American business could have the same access to Cuban markets that so many other countries have.

“Easing financing restrictions on agricultural trade with Cuba will make U.S. farmers and ranchers more competitive in the Cuban market of 11 million consumers,” AFBF President Bob Stallman said.

“We still have onerous restrictions on trade with the island nation, despite the fact that numerous countries long ago moved on and now trade freely with Cuba. American farmers and agri-businesses must be afforded the opportunity to compete in the Cuban market,” he added.

Nothern Ag Network, January 9, 2015

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