End of blockade against Cuba, main topic of Summit, Mexico says

Mexico City, Jun 7 (Prensa Latina) Lifting the blockade against Cuba will be the main topic of the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, the United States, Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard told La Jornada daily on Tuesday.

During a long interview shortly before his conference on Tuesday at the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs, the foreign secretary said that is his mission at the summit, and they might leave OAS behind to start a more just relation of respect for national sovereignties.

The topic of the Summit will be Cuba and the blockade, he insisted and assured that all is set to lift that blockade, which he called inhumane despite the threats against those who seek to lift that unjust imposition.

Ebrard recalled Barack Obama’s words when he met with President Raul Castro. He said that it is impossible to think in a different relation with the Americas if we do not solve the Cuba situation and completely agree, Ebrard rephrased.

If we want to pave the way for a new stage, which is the goal of the Summit, we cannot maintain old decisions, such as these exclusions or the right to selective intervention in other countries, he said.

He noted that the blockade against Cuba has harmed people indescribably. Therefore, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador says that we are not willing to start a new chapter in Latin America if this is maintained.

He recalled that Mexico was the only country that did not vote to remove Cuba from OAS in 1962. What is the best policy for Mexico?, the foreign minister wondered: to do everything the United States wants, as if we had the same interests? Complacency has taken us nowhere; on the contrary, it has been worse.


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