Emotional and high appreciation of Mexico to Cuban doctors

Mexico City, Sep 12 (Prensa Latina) The director of the Mexican Social Security Institute of Mexico, Zoé Robledo, head of the IMSS-Wellbeing program, today gave an emotional and high assessment of the Cuban doctors one year into their work in the country.

In the morning presidential conference at the National Palace, this time led by the Secretary of the Interior, Luisa María Alcalde, the senior official reported a meeting with the First Vice Minister of Health of Cuba, Tania Margarita Cruz; and Yamila de Armas, president of Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos, S.A., an agency that is celebrating 60 years of this type of collaboration with more than a hundred nations on all continents.

Robledo recalled that on May 8, 2022, Cuba and Mexico began this collaboration focused on the hiring of specialist doctors, and now it has been one year that they are working in the country, particularly in the most remote places that for many years had a low coverage or vacancy because they never had doctors.

This collaboration, he assured, has borne great fruit. He added that 806 doctors have been hired in 39 specialties, from internal medicine to complex neurosurgery, who work in 16 states in the country and in hospitals that had all the equipment, but without specialists, and are in the mountains of Guerrero, in the mountains of Oaxaca, or Cananea, in intricate places in Sonora or Huasteca, Zacatecas, and many others.

She listed all the places and numbers of specialists in each of these, being the states of Nayarit, Colima, Tlaxcala and Sonora where there is the most concentration, and they are very active in the materialization of the IMSS-Wellbeing program, with such good benefits and support to the poorest.

The official explained there is a very positive work result that is measured in figures, and explained that the progress is demonstrated in the latest report of 665,194 consultations, 46,000 specialized studies, 38,000 dialysis, 3,492 complex surgeries that without them, they would never have happened because the operating rooms were there, but not in use because there were no specialists.

In addition, 3,201 high-tech studies, births, endoscopies and other very complicated interventions have been carried out, which demonstrate the high professional training and capacity of these doctors.

Robledo projected a video from various places in the country with statements from Cuban doctors explaining their feelings for collaborating with the IMSS-Bienestar health program within the Government’s strategy of the Fourth Transformation and their satisfaction at being in Mexico saving Mexicans or improving their quality of life.

The director of IMSS-Wellness announced that the collaboration with Cuba will continue, this agreement will be extended for another year, and other scope that this contract may have and the link with the personnel that is in fact the union as a single team will be reviewed. in which the first thing is the sense of duty, of medical practice and of sharing experiences and knowledge and we are very grateful to Cuba and its people for all of this, he concluded.


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