Electromedicine Center in Cuba defies challenges due to the blockade

Camagüey, Cuba, April 13 (Prensa Latina) For the Public Health system of the largest region of Cuba, the Electromedicine Center is crucial in solving the challenges imposed by the United States blockade.

The constant search for solutions has led this group, which has the Association of Innovators and Rationalizers (Anir) as its driving force, to important results which have allowed it to save the country more than a million dollars in 2023.

This was stated by the director of the institution, Rafael Ramírez, who assured that the more than 150 workers in its four departments “do not stop looking for solutions to carry out all the necessary equipment for the province.” With the Medical Orthopedics department, a set of actions includes the integration of its Repair, Medical Equipment, Laboratory, and Technological Surveillance counterparts, which form the Center.

“We have several work strategies with specialists with a high sense of responsibility, ”Ramírez says.

“The Technological Surveillance Center is crucial for supplying the bank with existing problems which we are preparing to solve,” the main person in charge of the institution added.

Cuba has an important movement in Anir, capable of becoming one of the shields to support the national health infrastructure.

“Anir is our potential, thanks to it, we carry out several of the ideas that the group has,” Ramírez said.

Spare parts, he said, and so on are difficult for us due to the blockade, but the work allows us, for example, to rebuild autoclaves that are used for sterilization, even complex technological equipment, thanks to which the tomograph at the Manuel Ascunce Hospital works.

“We are talking about a figure of much more than a million dollars per year. There is equipment worth that amount, and sometimes it is recovered at a low cost in national currency. It takes work, but we have had the will to fix them,” he added.


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