Ecuadorian journalists praise Cuban press´ work

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Quito, Mar 27 (Prensa Latina) Ecuadorian journalists, writers and intellectuals on Saturday heaped praise on Cuban press work on spreading Cuba´s reality.

In a meeting with Cuban diplomats in Ecuador, representatives of Prensa Latina News Agency and Cuban TV delegation, media outlets accredited in the South American nation had the perfect setting to debate on their role in regional efforts to make visible the struggle and progress of the peoples.

The meeting was held ahead of recent commemoration of the Cuban Press Day, which is celebrated every March 14, the date on which Cuba´s national Hero José Martí published in 1892 the first issue of Patria Newspaper.

The date´s significance was praised by Cuban Ambassador to Ecuador Basilio Gutiérrez who referred to the role of Patria newspaper back then, as Cuba fought for its independence.

Likewise, Mr. Gutiérrez claimed that José Marti’s work laid the foundations and was a guide to the Jan. 1, 1959 Revolution Triumph and currently maintained by Cuban people and government´s efforts to present achievements.

The Cuban diplomat also talked about Ecuador-Cuba relations since times of José Martí and Hero Eloy Alfaro, as well as present challenges in the face of the media hype faced by regional peoples.


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