Ecuador seeking cooperation for arts and education in Cuba


Minister Guillaume Long met with Minister of Education of Cuba, Rodolfo Alarcón. Photo: Andes/File

Knowledge Coordinator and Human Resource Minister, Guillaume Long, is visiting Cuba, and meeting with representatives and state officials in order to strengthen the processes of artistic training in Ecuador.

Long met on Monday with the Minister of Education of Cuba, Rodolfo Alarcón, and vice ministers according to his Twitter account.

The purpose of the visit, is to deepen partnerships in the university general topic, particularly in the joint between the Instituto Superior de Arte de Cuba (ISA) and University of the Arts in Ecuador, acoording to the ministry of Knowledge.

The minister considers necessary ISA guidance on issues such as the consolidation of curricula and implementation of an academic management model.

He explained that the approaches are not limited to the University of Arts and will be expanded from preschool to college.

“ISA has great experience in terms of artistic comprehensive training with obvious impacts in the case of music, for example. The model has a feedback system from early ages. In our country there is an extracurricular arts education that is outside the public education system that we need to change and strengthen “emphasized Long.

In an interview with Prensa Latina news agency, Long considered the academic structure of arts education in Cuba is “admirable” and stressed the importance of cooperation with Ecuador.

According to Long knowledge is what will guide the country’s productive matrix. “Coupled with the universalization of education is the purpose of improving the quality for projects like Prometheus, which enables high level foreign scientists to carry out research in Ecuador,” he said.

The agenda of the Ecuadorian minister also includes several meetings with representatives of ISA, with ministers and officials from the ministries of Education and Culture, besides signing some agreements in education. The visit will end on February 19th.

Juan Gavasa, PanamericanWorld
February 18, 2015

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