East-West Invasion Commemorated in Mangos de Baraguá

baragua-actoSantiago de Cuba.— The importance of Cuban liberation struggles, and the East-West Invasion led by troops from the Liberation Army, was commemorated in Mangos de Baraguá October 22, on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the start of the historic campaign, launched from this revered site by Major General An­to­nio Maceo.

Thus, the first tribute was dedicated to the memory of the Bronze Titan with a delegation of students, workers and FAR representatives laying a floral wreath on behalf of the Cuban people at the foot of the monument in homage to the great figure and his inedible legacy.

Recalling his greatest achievements, Dr. Rey­naldo Suárez Suárez, professor at the University of Oriente and member of the National Union of Historians of Cuba, speaking before those in attendance, described the fierce military campaign of more than 1,000 well-trained mambi fighters led by Maceo across Cuba’s Eastern region.

Suárez noted that despite his great military achievements during the War of Independence, victory alluded him, but which would later be won with the same rebel spirit of Baraguá, during the 20th century when invading units (Camilo and Che) would bring the guerrilla war to central Cuba, making a decisive contribution to the collapse of the Batista dictatorship.

Presiding the act were Army Corps General Ramón Espinosa, a member of the Party Political Bureau and deputy minister of the FAR; member of the Central Committee Secretariat, José Ra­món Balaguer; and First Secretary of the province Lázaro Expósito; along with head of the Eastern Army, Division General Ra­fael Hernández, and President of the government of the province, Rei­naldo García. (Granma)

Written by Eduardo Palomares / Photo: by the author

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