Dutch people condemn US blockade against Cuba


Hague, Netherlands, Jun 30 (Prensa Latina) Dutch people from different sectors of society condemned on Saturday the U.S. blockade against Cuba and the nation’s inclusion in Washington’s unilateral States Sponsoring Terrorism (SST) list.

On behalf of organizations or as individuals, some thirty delegates attended the 2nd Annual Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba in the Netherlands, an event held on the weekend at the Cuban Embassy, where participants denounced the U.S. hostility toward Cuba.

The economic, commercial and financial U.S. blockade has been imposed for over six decades; thus, it was described as genocidal due to its devastating impact on such sensitive areas, as health and children.

Attendees repudiated the tightening of the blockade lately, particularly its extraterritorial scope and the inclusion in the States Sponsoring Terrorism list without any international support, a policy that seeks to smother Cuba in the financial area.

Cuban Ambassador Anet Pino explained to the supportive Dutch people issues of Cuba’s reality, its socio-economic situation and the challenges derived from the U.S. blockade.

The diplomat further thanked the Netherlands for its support to Cuba and its Revolution.

The meeting reviewed the activities of the last year of accompaniment to the nation, set new actions and agreed on a final statement.

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