Donation for Cuban children awaiting transplant announced in the US

Washington, Jun 6 (Prensa Latina) Solidarity in the United States and the world made it possible to raise 25,000 dollars to buy an essential solution that will be used for Cuban children waiting for a transplant, activist Carlos Lazo announced on Monday.

The US government’s blockade policy has prevented Cuba from purchasing Custodiol, which is used to sustain the viability of the organ to be transplanted, the Bridges of Love coordinator told Prensa Latina.

This project, together with the Code Pink organization and other solidarity platforms, managed to raise the funds in just 10 days of campaigning, he stressed.

In a first donation they took to the island what was needed for two children and a total of eight minors who are waiting for a liver transplant.

That is why “we began to make arrangements in the United States, but we faced the companies’ refusals”, the Cuban professor, who lives in Seattle, added.

When they found out that the product was for Cuba they backed out, they even said that a license had to be requested, he emphasized.

“I wonder if the United States needs a license to save the lives of Cuban children,” he said, commenting that this is how they decided to mobilize public opinion on social media and radio programs.

It is a work of patriotic emigration in its majority, of Cuban emigrants who beyond ideology call for the lifting of the blockade; they call for the end of hatred and that bridges of love be built between the peoples of Cuba and the United States, Lazo pointed out.


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