Dominica’s Parliament condemns US blockade against Cuba

Roseau, Apr 27 (Prensa Latina) The Parliament of Dominica passed a resolution that calls for the end of the ongoing US blockade of more than 50 years against Cuba, the media reported on Tuesday.

In a resolution, lawmakers said that this blockade prevents US companies and others with business activities in that country from making transactions with Cuban interests.

They also criticized travel restrictions to Cuba enforced by Washington since 1960 and said that the blockade has caused more damage than good to common citizens by affecting the fulfillment of their basic human rights and dignity.

They recalled that in April, 2009, then US President Barack Obama lifted restrictions on family travels and remittances to Cuba, expanded eligible humanitarian donations and increased telecommunications links with Cuba.

‘But in 2017 today’s former President Donald Trump repealed most agreements, imposing new travel regulations and banning most commercial cruise ships that navigate from the United States to visit Cuba,’ including a number of other measures, according to the resolution.

During the parliamentary debate, Dominica’s Foreign Minister Kenneth Darroux also expressed his country’s condemnation of Washington’s decision of including Havana in a unilateral list of countries that sponsor terrorism.


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