Dominican media highlight use of Cuban therapies against cancer

Santo Domingo, May 17 (Prensa Latina) Local media highlighted the upcoming administration of two Cuban biotechnological products, including CIMAvax-EGF, the first therapeutic vaccine against lung cancer, to oncology patients in the Dominican Republic.

PH.D. Giselle Saurez, an expert from the Cuban Molecular Immunology Center (CIM), presented CIMAvax-EGF and the Nimotuzumab monoclonal antibody at a meeting sponsored by the National Cancer Institute (Incart), a reference center in this country.

On Tuesday, journalist Indhira Suero, host of El Día television program, on Channel 11, interviewed Saurez, who explained that CIM’s research focuses specifically on the study of cancer, which has resulted in the development of therapeutic vaccines, recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies against the disease.

Regarding CIMAvax-EGF, the medical specialist of the Medical Management Department of the CIM indicated that this therapeutic vaccine awakens an immunological response in oncology patients and has a proven impact on the health of this group of the population.

She added that the vaccine has a medical registration for use in people with an advanced stage of non-small cell lung cancer who are unable to undergo surgery due to the extent of the disease.

Similarly, Resumen de Salud, Al Momento, Acento and El Día highlighted the introduction in the Dominican Republic of the two new therapies, which resulted from the development of biotechnology in Cuba.

Local media noted Saurez’s participation in a lecture at Incart on Cancer Immunotherapies Targeting the Skin Growth Factor Receptor and its Ligands: CIMAvac-EGF and VIDACIM (the name under which Nimotuzumab will be marketed here).


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