Does Cuba hold the cure for lung cancer?

Screen shot 2015-04-28 at 8.08.04 AMNew York-based cancer institute says Cuba has vaccine for lung cancer, wants to do FDA-approved trial.

The U.S.’ relaxed policies towards Cuba may pave the way for a breakthrough when it comes to lung cancer.

When New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently visited Cuba, he wasn’t alone. With him were various people from different sectors, including Dr. Candace Johnson, President and CEO of Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

As a result, the Buffalo, N.Y.-based facility is now partnering with the Cuban Center for Molecular Immunology, who Johnson told WIVB, has a vaccine for lung cancer.

Johnson wants to perform clinical trials of the vaccine in the U.S. The FDA would first have to approve it.

Specifically she sees it for possible use with those who are in the early stages of the disease and has surgery to remove a nodule, Johnson told the news station.

“Those patients have a very high risk for reoccurrence,” she told WIVB. “You have one nodule, you’ll maybe get another nodule. You could take perhaps this vaccine that could help prevent a reoccurrence.”

She added there are other possible uses for the vaccine because it unique, and that they are interested in other vaccines the Cuban Center for Molecular Immunology has as well.

By Michelle Maskaly, Editorial Director, Healthcare Packaging

April 24, 2015


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