Documentary to be presented in Europe exposes subversion against Cuba

Paris, Jul 25 (Prensa Latina) The presentation of the documentary La fábrica del odio (The Hate Factory), which offers an approach to the US crusade of destabilization against Cuba, will be held tomorrow in several European and Latin American countries and platforms, its author, journalist Hernando Calvo Ospina, announced today.

The Colombian researcher and filmmaker living in France, told Prensa Latina that it is an online presentation in homage to July 26, the Day of National Rebellion in Cuba, and that the official premiere of the one hour and 12 minutes long material is scheduled for September. Italian associations of solidarity with Cuba, the portals Cubainformación, from Spain, and Resumen Latinoamericano, in Argentina, and the YouTube channel Europa por Cuba, stand out among those committed to the screening.

The Factory of Hate shows concrete examples of the comprehensive war waged by the United States against the Cuban Revolution, its attempts to divide the family and to confront society with its leaders, explained Calvo Ospina.

According to the researcher on Cuba, the documentary reveals that the subversive propaganda is totally related with the economic, commercial and financial blockade that Cuba has been suffering for more than six decades.


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