Díaz-Canel: US, Cuba could cooperate

Havana, Nov 1 (Prensa Latina) Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel today underscored opportunities of cooperation between the island and the United States were the US government to abandon its hostile policy of economic, trade and financial blockade.

Through his Twitter account, Díaz-Canel reflected on these opportunities and shared an article on the clinical study of the Cuban vaccine against lung cancer by the New York-based Roswell Park Institute.

“How much more could Cubans and Americans do together for humanity, if the government of that country would put aside its obstinate and cruel policy against #Cuba? Again science showing us the way forward,” the Head of State wrote.

Washington maintains against the island an economic, commercial and financial blockade for over six decades. Such hostile policy was hardened with 243 unilateral measures the Trump administration imposed during the Covid-19 pandemic. Biden’s government has maintained them.

Both the international community and representatives of the business, scientific, government and art sectors in the United States are calling for an end to the siege.

Recently, Cuban scientists sent a letter to President Joe Biden in which they expressed their willingness to collaborate with that nation and mentioned the possibility of an exchange of information on the anti-Covid-19 vaccines developed by Cuba.


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