Diaz-Canel thanks global day to reject blockade against Cuba

Exigen en EEUU y Canadá levantamiento de bloqueo contra Cuba

Havana, Sep 28 (Prensa Latina) President Miguel Diaz-Canel on Tuesday thanked support against the blockade and the call to the most recent global day to reject that United States’ hostile policy.

‘Friends from several countries joined again on Sunday, September 26, to an international day against the #Blockade. We appreciate the unconditional support in this battle that already surpasses six decades,’ he posted on his Twitter account.

We will not stop demanding justice. Our people deserve it, he tweeted.

Cuban-born professor Carlos Lazo, coordinator of the solidarity initiative in the United States, reiterated the call to build bridges of love between both peoples because ‘it is time to look for another solution.’

The struggle against that unilateral siege will not end until the blockade concludes, the activist said while announcing that other caravans and actions to reject that policy are expected to be held in October.


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