Diaz-Canel Talks with Residents of Eastern Cuban Province

Santiago de Cuba, Mar 14 (Prensa Latina) President Miguel Diaz-Canel spoke Thursday with residents of the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba, where he is making a government visit to assess the progress of economic and social programs.

Diaz-Canel spoke with residents of the Ventas de Casanova community, in Contramaestre municipality, to whom he explained the goals of the visit, including assessing compliance with the instructions of his previous visit in June 2018.

The Head of State also exchanged criteria with students of polytechnic education who have a classroom in a citrus company, meeting in which he was interested in their class schedules and working conditions.

During the first day of the visit to Santiago de Cuba, the President visited Laguna Blanca, where viands, fruits, corn and coffee are produced.

At this Contramaestre production center, Diaz-Canel and the Ministers and accompanying authorities received an explanation of the technologies used to increase production, including irrigation.

He also went to a breeding center in the municipality, and noted the development of a new experience to produce prawns for export.

Another company visited by the Cuban president was a coffee processing plant, which analyzed the potentials to increase production and add value to the exportable product.

Diaz-Canel began this Thursday the second cycle of government visits to the country, the first completed a month ago, a working method he adopted since coming to office in April 2018.


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