Diaz-Canel Highlights Latin American Student Support to Venezuela

Havana, May 20 (Prensa Latina) Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel highlighted Monday the support of Latin American students to the Venezuelan people in the face of the severity of U.S.-imposed blockade against the South American country.

The U.S. is tightening the economic, commercial and financial blockade against Venezuela and increasing coercive actions on maritime transport companies and bank transfers in dollars. Latin American students give their support to the brave people, he wrote in Twitter.

Caracas will host the 18th Latin American and Caribbean Student Congress this Monday until May 25, where more than 4,000 young people will participate.

The young Cuban and President of the Latin American and Caribbean Continental Organization of Students, Mirthia Brossard, stressed it is no coincidence that Venezuela is hosting the conclave. We will defend the importance of the continental unity of the left, in the face of direct attacks by the U.S. government and its geostrategic allies, she said in exclusive statements to Prensa Latina.

In this regard, she assured that the presence of the world’s progressive youth in Venezuelan territory demonstrates the intention and responsibility to preserve the revolutionary process.

In another message, Diaz-Canel recalled the words of the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro: ‘… when a people has come out of the past and has broken the chains, and has opened a gap in the middle of a wall of interests, that people is never resigned to abandoning the path it has taken, that people will never be able to defeat anything or anyone! 

For years, Washington has been staking on economic sanctions and media campaigns to foster a change of regime in Venezuela against the will of the majority of the people of that country who democratically re-elected President Nicolas Maduro a year ago.


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