Diaz-Canel congratulates Cuban women on International Women’s Day

Havana, Mar 8 (Prensa Latina) President Miguel Díaz-Canel on Wednesday congratulated all Cuban women on International Women’s Day. The head of State wrote on his Twitter account that 55.3 percent of the new parliamentary candidates are women.

Diaz-Canel mentioned a meteorologist, a scientist, a deputy prime minister, a teacher, and a university student, who represent many admirable Cuban women.

Cuba’s National People’s Power Assembly (Parliament) thanked women for their dedication, commitment, devotion, and daily example.

They also shared a phrase by National Hero Jose Marti, “This Cuban woman, so beautiful, so heroic, so selfless, flower to love, star to look at, armor to resist.”

Vice President Salvador Valdes also congratulated women and stressed that the great and beautiful work of the Revolution would have been impossible without their sacrifice, tenacity, and courage.

Communist Party Organization Secretary Roberto Morales described Cuban women as tireless fighters for life.

Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez tweeted the warmest congratulations to the tenacious and heroic Cuban women.


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