Diaz-Canel Calls for Economic Management to Improve Cuban Life

Havana, Mar 1 (Prensa Latina) Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel called for a growing dynamics of the economy in 2019 to guarantee a greater impact on the people’s food, computerization, housing and transportation, local media reported on Friday.

The head of State made that call this week, at a meeting of the Council of Ministers, at which he underlined the importance of achieving results that will improve the daily life in Cuba, according to Granma newspaper.

In that regard, he noted that the progress of investment will be followed up every month in order to review those completed and their results to evaluate the impact predicted in feasibility studies.

According to the president, another key sector for the country’s development is exports, so he urged to fulfill the plans and add as many export items as possible.

‘Everybody has to seek what can be exported and, of course, to collect for it,’ he noted at the meeting of the Council of Ministers, which also analyzed the efficient use of water, debts to be paid and collected, and domestic control.

Regarding agriculture, Diaz-Canel insisted on the increase of short-cycle crops to have food in a short term and called to continue to develop other crops to comply with the self-sufficiency program at the municipal level and for the people.

At the session, Economy and Planning Minister Alejandro Gil Fernandez presented the report on the Cuban economy in January.

Gil highlighted the arrival in the country of 1,235 vehicles, as part of investments planned in 2018, including 221 Yutong buses and 504 microbuses, 401 of the latter will be used as route taxis.

According to the minister, in the analyzed period, power supply was not affected due to generation deficits at peak hours.

In the case of tourism, Gil noted that the plan was fulfilled at 102 percent, with 489,629 foreign holidaymakers, accounting for an increase of 9 percent. He added that Canada and Russia were Cuba’s major tourist-sending markets.


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