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13ThursdayMar 2014

Without reaching the end of the first quarter, and the Destination Cuba and its product have shown a growing operation and dynamism, as if they would not be left alone to end the best news in the rotation.

For these dates, and the Greater Antilles paced news for your industry without chimneys on the three most important fairs of the sector in Europe: Fitur, in Madrid, Spain; BIT in Milan, Italy, and most recently at the ITB, Berlin, Germany, this forum defined as the largest showcase for the category universally.

A West Indian delegation also attended the Fair ANATO in Colombia, as a sign of interest in all markets, whether traditional or emerging, near or distant.

In the first of these specialized dating, in the Iberian Peninsula, the minister Manuel Marrero told the press: “Cuba expects good tourism year in 2014 supported by the initial figures, global projections and investment Rush expand their offerings. “

It has been reaffirmed that the sun and the beach will remain Flag proposals for the island, but accompanied by cultural and historical legacy.

“We are optimistic for the year under way, said the Spanish capital the proprietor, a year for which, although will be tempered by the global crisis, conditions were prepared to take a leap in the quality of services and the folders hotel groups include refurbished and new facilities “lodging.

Such predictions have been made in the body as the days have passed and so we have that the area had a good start with foreign visitors up 9.3 percent in January compared to the same month of 2013, led by Canadian and Italian.

Canada remains the largest emitter to the archipelago, determined to erase a drop in arrivals described as “mild” in the previous year to reach three million customers at present.

Figures from the National Bureau of Statistics and Information (ONEI) indicate that in the period they spent their vacation in the island 320 000 032 people, compared to 292 000 810 in 2013.

Sector authorities had predicted that there would be a recovery during the current winter tourist season, from November to April, from, among other factors, most cruise arrivals and more flights in some cases and in other frequency increases.

After the 156 000 856 Canadians who came in January, compared to 137 000 717 in the same period in 2013, 11 thousand 699 Italians were placed.

They grew in turn flows from Germany, Chile and Venezuela, with declines reported by the United Kingdom, Argentina and Mexico.

If we take as an example, at least two poles, we need in the eastern territory of Holguin are getting almost 50 weekly flights, mainly from Canada, England and Holland, which predicts positive expectations for the end of the winter season in this destination .Specialists of the delegation of the Ministry of Tourism in the province confirmed that 242 flights recorded in January, up 28 percent from the same previous step.

Moreover, in the Jardines del Rey archipelago, located in the center-north, a record tourists in February figure was achieved, according to official sources.

Hotels in the region, formed by Coco and Cayo Guillermo, recorded an average of more than eight thousand visitors per day hosted both national and international, said Luis Baez, the Ministry of Tourism (Tourism) in Ciego de Avila. The source itself explained that this amount was left behind the elevation of seven thousand, reached in late January. At Jardines del Rey airport arrive today an average of 39 flights per week, which is the highest amount recorded since the creation of destination 20 years ago.


According to what was planned for 2014, tourism is expected to grow 10.4 percent, implying that the Antillean archipelago arrive until December recess more than three million 150 thousand vacationers.

About that goal, self Manuel Marrero forward the previous week that the year has started well with increases of more than seven percent in the first two months.

In this regard, he mentioned that countries like Portugal wake-operation with Cuba-Pestana Group, Spain and Italy, which had greatly reduced shipments due to the effects of the global economic crisis.

“This will not be an easy task, but we must work harder on marketing the product, especially to get the remainder of the current winter season,” said the authoritative voice.

The truth is that the snatch has been good, taking advantage of the usual harvest season high, planned with sufficient time, as must happen for the remaining periods when foreign flows down, which can be compensated, as already proven- with the rise in the domestic market and taking advantage of all internal potential, yet to be explored and exploited.

The dynamism and initiatives are not missing because there are increasing challenges for an industry call to always show their status locomotive of the economy.

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