Danish newspaper denounces US blockade against Cuba

Copenhagen, Aug 11 (Prensa Latina) The relentless brutality of the United States blockade is hitting Cuba’s economy and making it difficult to confront Covid-19, the Denmark-based Arbejderen newspaper denounced on Wednesday.

The official newspaper of the Communist Party of Denmark published an article by Sven-Erik Simonsen, who explained the serious consequences of the economic, commercial and financial blockade that Washington has imposed on Cuba for six decades.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Cuba could not buy modern respirators and safety equipment on the international market. When the Chinese company Alibaba made a donation to Cuba, Avianca airline refused carry the shipment due to retaliation from the United States, the text said.

The Cuban health system is under great pressure due to the consequences of the US blockade, which has been imposed with the clear objective of creating poverty, hunger and provoking protests against the government, the article pointed out.

In addition, it criticized the intensification of sanctions against Cuba by former President Donald Trump, and the continuity of those actions by the Joe Biden administration.

Simonsen recalled that 184 states rejected Washington’s policy on June 23 at the United Nations General Assembly, with two votes against (the United States and Israel) and three abstentions.

The journalist noted that despite the White House’s attacks, Cuba managed to develop its own vaccines against Covid-19, the first ones produced in Latin America.


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