Cuomo Hopes To Go To Cuba By April

Screen shot 2015-02-23 at 11.34.26 AMGov. Andrew Cuomo in January had said he hoped to go to Cuba within 40 days of his state budget and State of the State presentation.

Now Cuomo says he hopes to travel there by April as the U.S. seeks to normalize relations with the Communist country.

Cuomo said the ball is essentially in Cuba’s court as for when his trade mission can travel there.

“We are waiting for a date from Cuba,” Cuomo said. “I would very much like to be the first governor to visit Cuba since President Obama’s declaration since I think there are trade opportunities for this state.”

Cuomo reiterated the point of the trip would be for New York to potentially open new markets in Cuba. The governor said he is eager to “make our pitch and develop relationships.”

“They have basically said yes to that. It’s now the date,” Cuomo said. “I’m ready, willing and able to go. I’ll go whenever.”

Aside from Cuba, Cuomo plans a series of trade missions in his second term including Italy, Mexico, Japan and Canada. Cuomo also plans to make his second trip to Israel since taking office as governor.

NY State of Politics, February 20, 2015


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