Culinary Meeting Concludes in Cuba

comida-cubana[1]Havana, Nov 28 (Prensa Latina) The 4th edition of the culinary festival “Flavors of Cuba and the world,” will conclude in this capital on Saturday, with participants” coincidences about the broad prospects for local cuisine.

Chefs, bartenders, researchers and journalists attended three-day sessions and held talks, food tastings events, performances of trends, and other activities, especially to assess Cuba’s culinary art and its position in the world.

The event complemented the efforts made by local tourism authorities to promote gastronomy as a significant element when foreign tourists plan their vacations in Cuba.

Alicia Garcia, director of the initiative, recalled that an inquiry from visual arts, videos, literature and gastronomic tourism of this archipelago took place from November 26-28 at the House of Mexico in this capital.

This is the fourth edition of a meeting that interprets the way of people eat from an approach to culture, especially cinema and literature.

The Fourth Gourmet Festival “Flavors of Cuba and the world” explores the culinary arts and traditions in the Caribbean island.

The meeting is a cultural project that aims to deepen in gastronomy as an art. The event, a mixture of several trends, is an added value to Cuba’s tourism and a special attraction for travelers from around the world.

The event was held in Old Havana, at the House of the Benemerit of the Americas Benito Juarez (House of Mexico).

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