Cuba’s youth honor Fidel Castro’s legacy in solemn gala

Havana, Nov 25 (Prensa Latina) The University of Havana, historic scenario of struggles and youth was the stage of the solemn gala in tribute to the leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, with the attendance of Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel.

The Young Communist League reaffirmed last night its commitment to the Homeland in the voice of its first secretary, Aylín Álvarez, who recalled Fidel’s presence in education, economy, Cuban science, as well as in ‘the Communist Party that overcomes hurdles and drives a nation’.

The nightly rain was not an obstacle for hundreds of young Cubans who attended the event and chanted numerous slogans like “I am Fidel” and “Long Live Cuba”.

Students and artists ratified the validity of Fidel’s thought in the current socio-political scenario.

Alvarez emphasized that ‘there never was and never will be a rupture nor forgetting, there will never be resignation nor betrayal’ in allusion to the events of last November 15 when millions of Cubans defeated the destabilizing plans executed from the US.

From the arts, the emblematic company Danza Contemporánea de Cuba showed its talent with the piece Matria Etnocentra, while tonadistas Héctor Gutiérrez and Aramis Padilla joined the tribute along with declaimer Alden Knight and troubadour Nelson Valdés.

To commemorate the man of thought and culture, vocalist Heydi Chapman performed “Su nombre es pueblo” (His name is people), which has become the anthem of the Cuban revolutionary process, along with the National Concert Band.

The “Comandante” was also honored by troubadours Raúl Torres, Eduardo Sosa, Annie Garcés and Tamy López with the symbolic piece “Cabalgando con Fidel” (Riding with Fidel).


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