Cuba’s Work in Favor of World Security Extolled

Havana, Cuba, Aug 7.- The coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN),Hector Guerra, praised on Wednesday Cuba’s work in favor of peace and world security.

In a conversation with the press at the Cuban United Nations Association (ACNU), Guerra highlighted the island’s commitment to peaceful coexistence, for which he decided to talk about this topic in this first visit with representatives of the civil society.

Precisely in a day in which the criminal nuclear bombing by the United States 67 years ago of the Japanese city of Hiroshima was recalled, the activist pointed out that at present there are over 17,000 nuclear weapons and nine powers and more than 30 countries sheltered under this umbrella, using national security to justify themselves.

He praised the advances of Latin America and the Caribbean in the struggle for peace and the non-proliferation of these armaments, backed by political and legal instruments.

Guerra mentioned the good decision of declaring the region, at the 2nd Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States held in January in this capital, as a Peace Zone, in a common agreement of all of its members.

The definitive banning of nuclear weapons in the world can be achieved to a large extent by way of the commitment to this campaign and the work of governments in it, which brings together more than 200 organizations of 90 nations, he stressed.(acn).

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