Cuba’s wildlife attractions: countering the US travel ban for Americans

The Topes de Collantes is a protected nature reserve in the Escambray Mountains of central Cuba.

Every year it’s the setting for a nature photography competition. Dozens of amateurs and professionals spend a week in the forests: home to an array of wildlife and exotic plants.

This nature photography competition is partly about showing that there is more to Cuba than sun, sea and salsa, as the country tries to add ecotourism to its vacation brand.

More than a hundred thousand foreigners do visit this nature reserve each year. But that’s just a fraction of the three million or-so tourists who head to the beaches.

This will never replace the beach as one of Cuba’s top attractions but ecotourism looks set to become a niche part of the island’s charm. CCTV America’s Michael Voss reports in Cuba.

See the video:


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