Cuba’s success in the fights against AIDS highlighted in US


The UNESCO Executive Board highlighted the Cuban success in the eradication of mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS and syphilis.

Ted Chaiban, head of the Coordination Joint of the United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, congratulated the island as it was certified by the WHO as the first country to eradicate this disease.

Carlos Fidel Martin, official at the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment and member of the aforementioned Joint, confirmed the will of his country to develop joint projects to fight some diseases.

In this regard, he requested UNICEF to promote exchange and dissemination of good practice as well as to strengthen cooperation with emphasis in helping countries from Africa, and the Caribbean, regions worst hit by HIV/AIDS.

“In line with this human action, my country reiterates its will to develop South-South cooperation projects based on our strength and skills to fight such illness”, added the Cuban representative.

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