Cuba’s Stunning Baracoa in the Remote East is Worth the Trek

Baracoa, CubaBy on March 28, 2017 | If you’ve been reading along lately, you can see that the places I mentioned—Havana, Viñales and Trinidad—are all geographically very close. While this still means several hours on a bus every few days, given Cuba’s still-developing infrastructure, it’s doable and, ultimately, bearable.

The same cannot be said for Baracoa, which is Cuba’s most beautiful region, but also its most remote.

Objectively, Baracoa is absolutely worth the time and trouble it takes to get there, with alluring culture, mouthwatering cuisine and stunning beach scenery. Practically, however, visiting can be a challenge, particularly if you have less than the two weeks in Cuba I’ve recommended as a minimum.

Here’s how to make the call.

Baracoa: Sun, Surf and Arroz con Coco

Although my Cuba itinerary recommends plenty of beaches in the western part of the island, such as Cayo Jutias near Viñales and Playa Ancon near Trinidad, Baracoa is home to the most impressive beaches I saw in Cuba. In fact, it wasn’t until I swam at them that I truly felt like I was on a Cuban beach; in the other cases, I could’ve been most anywhere else in the world.

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