Cuba’s Sovereignty Could Never Be Blocked, Vice President Says

By Antonio Rondon Garcia Saint Petersburg, Sep 21 (Prensa Latina) We are a small island blocked by the United States, but the solidarity of our country could never be blocked, Cuban Vice President Beatriz Johnson said when meeting with Vice President of the Russian Senate, Ilyas Umajanov.

During the meeting held at the Tavrichesk Palace, where the 2nd Eurasian Women’s Forum is carried out since yesterday, both leaders highlighted the strong bonds of friendship between the two countries and peoples.

These feelings are not based on pragmatic rationing, because they are moved by heart, the vice president of the Federation Council (Senate) said.

Cuba shows with its history that no sanction or blockade can break the will of a sovereign people, said Umajanov, who considered that Russia also has the support of the international community, amid the Western sanctions policy.

The meeting highlighted Russia’s support in the development of projects in culture and education in the Caribbean island.

The Cuban Vice President again thanked the opportunity given to her country to present in the aforementioned forum her position on a crucial issue such as women’s rights.

Johnson stated that the Eurasian Women’s Forum should include not only Europe and Asia, but also other continents.

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