Cuba’s premiere men’s choir Sine Nomine returns to the US in 2015!


Cuba’s premiere men’s choir Sine Nomine returns to the US in 2015! Available for booking Feb 20 – Mar 10, 2015

     After a successful West Coast Tour earlier in 2014, Sine Nomine will be returning for an exclusive participation in the ACDA 2015 National Conference and Classical Movements is booking their concerts and arranging their U.S. 2015 tour.
     Camerata Vocale Sine Nomine, an award-winning a capella men’s chamber chorus from Havana, Cuba performs a wide range of musical genres including traditional historical works, spirituals, and contemporary Cuban music. Founded in 2003 by its first director, Enrique Filiú O’Reilly, Camerata Vocale Sine Nomine has established itself as a premiere group in Cuba’s rich choral environment. Unique to this ensemble is the use of male voices for the soprano, alto, and countertenor parts as well as the standard tenor and bass lines.  The focus of Camerata Vocale Sine Nomine is to embrace the Cuban public with choral repertoire that represents centuries of artistic choral performance. The current director, Leonor Suárez Dulzaides, has led the ensemble since 2008.
     Performance clips:
     Sine Nomine will offer brilliant and exciting performances, and will bring musical excellence to your audiences.
     If you are interest in presenting this exceptional Cuban ensemble, please contact Alessandra D’Ovidio to discuss dates and fees, at
–Laura Smith
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