Cuba’s Jardines del Rey number of visitors grows 14 percent

CIEGO DE AVILA, Cuba, May 5 (acn) The rise of 14 percent in the number of visitors to Jardines del Rey destination during the first four months of the current year reflects the growing interest of vacationers for Coco and Guillermo keys.

Iyolexis Correa, delegate of the Ministry of Tourism in Ciego de Ávila, told ACN that at that stage, considered as high for the tourist market, more than 231 thousand tourists visited that enclave.

Although Canada led the issuing markets, there was progress in the diversification of the countries of origin with the arrival of new flights from Russia, France, Italy, Poland and the United States, while the trend continued to increase regarding the domestic market.

Jardines del Rey International Airport held 53 operations each week during that period and the growth of the accommodation infrastructure, as well as other constructive actions to raise comfort and quality standard also contributed to these results.

This destination has 17 hotels and more than eight thousand rooms in operation, and it continues its development program in order to offer new products that attract visitors, such as the conditioning of Ski Cable, from this summer.

It also maintains the care for the environment, a fact that was materialized during 2016 with the dumping of sand on three beaches of the islets, to preserve their natural conditions.

Promoted as a sun and beach destination, Jardines del Rey also offers other possibilities such as contemplation of nature, due to its rich and diverse flora and fauna.

It is also ideal for the practice of water sports such as kite-surfing, diving, as it is close to a coral reef, and excursions.

Its sustained growth guarantees employment for more than eight thousand workers of this province directly linked to the sector, and it also stimulates the production of other sectors such as agriculture and industry.

Cuban News Agency, June 5, 2017

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