Cuba’s Human Rights Scope Highlighted in Geneva

Geneva, May 16 (Prensa Latina) Human rights in Cuba have a wide scope for the entire population, including people deprived of their freedom, said here today Interior Ministry official Luis Emilio Cadaval.

During the debate following the presentation of the national report to the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of the Human Rights Council, the representative of the Caribbean nation stressed that fair treatment is granted to persons deprived of their liberty.

This means ensuring dignified living conditions in prisons, in accordance with international standards, as well as programs to increase school instruction, education and technical training and trades of these people, and the enjoyment of artistic, cultural, sports and recreational activities, he detailed.

Cadaval pointed out that in the Caribbean country there is no forced labor in prisons, and people deprived of liberty who voluntarily choose to work receive remuneration and social security guarantees.

On the other hand, he refused to try to present ordinary prisoners as human rights defenders or prisoners of conscience, and reiterated that those sanctions take no place in Cuba.

In the session, the first deputy director of the Central Unit of Medical Collaboration of the Ministry of Public Health, Jorge Delgado, intervened stressing that the Caribbean country ensures universal and free health coverage, which implies a 100 percent medical care for the population.

He also referred to the medical collaboration currently present in 68 countries of all continents, which responds to requests from those nations and is carried out under a collaboration agreement.

According to the Cuban specialist, this activity is carried out under the humanistic principle of ‘sharing not what we have left, but what we have’.

On Wednesday, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Bruno Rodriguez, presented the national report to the UPR, an exercise that has awakened a wide expectation at the UN headquarters in this Swiss city.

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