Cuba’s Higher Education Minister Praises Unification of Three Universities in Camagüey

Unifying the local universities as an initiative

Camagüey, Sep 3.- The Minister of Higher Education Rodolfo Alarcón Ortiz highlighted in this city the advantages of unifying the local universities, an initiative that was adopted in Camagüey province and in other four provinces of Cuba.The senior official said that the unification of the higher education institutions (HEI) has been done to provide the students a much better professional training, both in undergraduate courses and in postgraduate courses, to ultimately make a major impact on society.

At the opening ceremony of this school year, Alarcón Ortiz praised the willingness and efficiency Camagüey province assumed such move.

The unification of the Jose Marti Pedagogical University and the Manuel Fajardo Higher Institute of Physical Culture and Sports with the University of Camagüey, which was the first HEI founded by the Revolutionary government resulted in the creation of 10 faculties, distributed in its three regular venues, for a total of 44 courses.

Over 5,500 students and 1,516 professors are attending today the Ignacio Agramonte University of Camagüey and their main challenge is to consolidate the unification of the three local HEI in this province in a bid to upgrade the professional and scientific level of its students and staff.   (Darycel Martínez Esteban/ Radio Cadena Agramonte)

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