Cuba’s exclusion from US terrorism list demanded in Belgium

Brussels, Jun 17 (Prensa Latina) Belgian’s Friends of Cuba and the Coordinating Committee for the Lifting of the Blockade against Cuba on Monday demanded the Caribbean island’s immediate removal from the US unilateral State Sponsors of Terrorism (SSOT) list.

In separate statements, they agreed on describing as cynical the position of the US government, which on May 15 acknowledged that Cuba cooperates with the fight against terrorism, but did not remove it from a list they described as arbitrary.

The Friends of Cuba association set its position on the issue during its general assembly, at which it celebrated its 55 anniversary, a period during which solidarity deploy with the Antillean nation includes sending containers and actions to denounce and condemn the economic, commercial and financial blockade.

The approved text condemns Washington’s aggressiveness and the tightening of the blockade with more than 240 measures dictated by Donald Trump during his administration (2017-2021) and maintained in essence by his successor in the White House, Joe Biden, among them the reinclusion in the list of sponsors of terrorism.

This policy affects the population in every aspect of their daily lives, and in the case of the unilateral list, it has a negative effect on the economy, by hindering the island’s access to the international financial system, to credits and loans, he stressed.

For the Friends of Cuba, the US manipulates and acts with cynicism, because it declares that the Caribbean country fights terrorism and that both nations collaborate in its confrontation, however, it does not eliminate it from the list of alleged sponsors of it.

The Belgian Coordinating Committee for the Lifting of the Blockade against Cuba, made up of some 40 organizations, recalled that it has been Cuba that has suffered from terrorism, having had to deal with assassinate attempts whose leaders, bacteriological warfare, destabilizing actions, sabotage, attacks and a failed invasion (Playa Girón).


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