Cubans starts caravan in Europe to support their country

Paris, Nov 10 (Prensa Latina) Cubans residents in Europe on Thursday kicked off a caravan to transfer loads of solidarity to Germany, from where they will leave for the Caribbean island as part of A Ton of Love for Pinar del Río initiative.

The first items, consisting of 60 kilograms from the United Kingdom, will arrive in Paris on Thursday night. They were contributed by Cubans in the UK, thanks to Miriam Palacios and a supportive Algerian friend, Danilo Campos, from the Juntos X Cuba channel, which launched the initiative in response to the damage caused by Hurricane Ian in western Cuba, told Prensa Latina.

On Friday, the cargo and the other shipment collected in France will leave for the Belgian city of Liège, a transit point to the city of Bonn, in Germany. The donation consists of medicines, medical supplies and basic items to help victims of hurricane.

Campos, a member of the Colectivo entre Amigos in France, said that Reinaldo Romero, leader of the humanitarian project Cuba Soberana, will join the caravan in Liege.

A Ton of Love for Pinar del Río is an initiative of the Juntos X Cuba channel with the purpose of bringing Cubans together to help our country, a modest help, but with a lot of commitment, Campos and Jose Conde, a member in Germany of the association La Estrella de Cuba, told Prensa Latina.

They also said that the intention is to dispatch the solidarity cargo by air in late November or early December.


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