Cubans in Vietnam trust that Matanzas will overcome misfortune

Hanoi, Aug 9 (Prensa Latina) Cubans living in Ho Chi Minh City and southern Vietnam expressed their confidence that Matanzas will overcome the misfortune caused by the fire at the supertanker base located in that city.

In a note issued today, the Cubans said they felt with deep sorrow the material and human damages caused by the fire of great proportions unleashed there more than 72 hours ago by a lightning strike on one of the gigantic crude oil deposits.

The text also conveys “the most heartfelt condolences and solidarity” to the people of Matanzas, in particular, and to all Cubans in general, in the struggle to put out this incident.

Strength to the courageous technicians and firefighters who constantly risk their lives and work tirelessly to control the fire as soon as possible, the statement underlines, which also thanks the Cuban brothers and sisters who, with infinite love, offer in one way or another their support to those who are fighting to put an end to the catastrophe.


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