Cubans in the Netherlands condemn resolution of European Parliament

Cubans in the Netherlands condemn resolution of European Parliament

Amsterdam, Jun 13 (Prensa Latina) The association of Cubans residing in the Netherlands ‘Cuba en mi Alma’ today condemned a resolution approved in the European Parliament against the island, based on accusations about human rights promoted by the right in that forum.

In a statement to which Prensa Latina had access, the organization that supports the Cuban Revolution described as disgusting the initiative adopted in the European Parliament on Thursday, after a debate held on Tuesday, in which several MEPs denounced the maneuver led by the Spanish right from the Popular Party, Ciudadanos and VOX.

With this resolution, the European Parliament is further discredited, with the decision of a part of its members to go against the right of the Cuban people to their sovereignty and self-determination, he stressed.

The association pointed out that the text approved by 386 votes in favor, 236 against and 59 abstentions is subordinated to the opinions of the United States, whose government attacked the island for more than 60 years with the economic, commercial and financial blockade.

We assure that the European peoples do not accompany the pro-fascist parliamentarians who promoted this resolution, he said.

Cuba en mi Alma ratified its rejection of the blockade imposed by Washington on the island and questioned that the MEPs bent on accusing the Caribbean country of violating human rights remain silent about the criminal US siege and its impact on the population.


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