Cubans in Belgium demand end of US blockade against Cuba

Brussels, Apr 25 (Prensa Latina) Cuban residents in Belgium and solidarity associations here on Sunday condemned the United States economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba and demanded its end.

Some 50 people, the limit established by local authorities due to the restrictions in force to fight Covid-19, participated in a caravan at the Atomium esplanade in Brussels, which culminated with a rally in front of the emblematic 102-meter-tall building.

The slogans ‘No to the blockade’ and ‘Live Cuba’ dominated the mobilization, as well as the demand for bridges of love in defense of the Cuban family, attacked for more than six decades by the blockade that the Donald Trump administration (2017 -2021) tightened with more than 240 measures.

Banners and Cuban flags also accompanied the participants in a similar event held in the same place on March 28, during the first world day against the Washington-imposed blockade.

The Association of Cuban Residents in Belgium (CubaBel) and the Bridges of Love Belgium platform responded to the call launched by Cuban-American Professor Carlos Lazo, a promoter of the Bridges of Love project, who called for the development globally of ‘a galactic mega caravan’ on Sunday against the blockade and its impact on the Cuban family.

Videos and photos of the rally at the Atomium building were posted on social media.

Representatives of solidarity associations such as the Belgian Coordinating Committee against the Blockade against Cuba, and Friends of Cuba participated in the caravan of cars and bicycles.


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