Cubans fine-tune voting machine for April 19

prueba_dinamica[1]Havana, Cuba, Apr 13.- Cuban electoral authorities are fully involved in preparations for partial elections on April 19, when Cubans will vote municipal delegates following a successful dynamic drill on Sunday.The president of the National Electoral Commission, Alina Balseiro, told reporters that the drill yielded positive results, even better than in the latest electoral process in general terms, everything was carried out according to schedules, she said.

Thousands of Cubans in charge of election-related functions mobilized during the drill to check that everything was in order and thus guarantee the quality of next Sunday´s partial elections, Balseiro said.

The dynamic drill is a comprehensive practice, which included the activation of 15 provincial electoral commissions, all 168 municipalities and over 150 special districts established according to the electoral law. The action included the sixth and last election report, which encompasses the final reports and the quality of the vote.

Other aspects checked during the drill also included the replacement of any electoral official in the event of his or her absence, the availability of information for voters, and instructions to voters in case they have lost their id cards, among others.(can)

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