Cuban workers reject calls for destabilization

Havana, Oct 18 (Prensa Latina) The Central de Trabajadores de Cuba (CTC) rejected calls for an illegal march with the purpose of promoting destabilizing acts and provoking a change of regime.

Through a statement published in the newspaper Trabajadores, the CTC denounced that internal political operators, led and encouraged from abroad, are trying to carry out a mobilization that they present as peaceful and lawful, invoking the Constitution.

It pointed out that, according to the articles of the Cuban Magna Carta, the peaceful exercise contemplates not to attempt against others, not to violate the peace of the citizens or to stimulate the reversion of the established order.

A lawful action cannot harm the rights of others, affect collective security, general welfare, public order, and must always be carried out with respect for the Constitution and the laws, the media claimed.

Trabajadores stated that this call for mobilization has the poorly disguised objective of generating a change in the political system in Cuba and a return to capitalism, and is supported by people who are calling for military intervention on the island and well-known figures of the counterrevolution based in Florida.

We strongly reject those who promote destabilizing acts. We are convinced that no provocation will succeed in demoralizing or intimidating those of us who fight for the present and the future of the nation, the text of the CTC declares.

It also affirms that ‘Cuban trade unionism will mobilize together with all the people against those who are determined to take away our independence and sovereignty and the conquests achieved with collective sacrifice’.


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