Cuban women to participate in World Chess Championship

Havana, Cuba, Jan 27.- Cuban Grand Masters Maritza Arribas (2 295 ELO points) and Yaniet Marrero (2 255) will face tough rivals in the start of the World Women´s Chess Championship to be played since February 10 in Tehran, Iran.

Seeded 53rd and 58th, in that order, they will debut against Chinese GM Yang Shan, and the also GM Antoaneta Stefanova, from Bulgaria, queen of the world in 2004.

Shan (2 479), who is even IM among men, ranks 19th in the women´s world ranking, while Stefanova (2 512) leads the ranking of his nation, and appears twelfth in the universal list.

However, both Cuban players know what to break forecasts is, as they already demonstrated it through their previous advances to the round of 32 when beating opponents who were also favorites over them.

In the 2012 event, Maritza shattered the hopes of Georgian Bela Khoterahvili and in 2015; Yaniet did the same with Armenian Elina Danielian. (acn)

Radio Cadena Agramonte, January 27, 2017

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