Cuban Vice President Extols National Sport Values

Havana, Mar 29 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Vice President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez urged the Cuban sports movement to be aware on the scientific progress and use the new techniques and reinforce the contracts in other nations.

During the annual meeting of the organization, Diaz-Canel highlighted the need to improve the quality of the Physical Education classes in schools, even to personalize it, if there is a need, and called to fill the country of gyms, for the practice of physical exercises.

‘We must work to perfect, consolidate our sport results, keep on winning. That is the best way to show other people that Fidel Castro is always present in the Cuban national sport movement,’ said the Cuban Vice President.

After listening to the report by the president of the Cuban sports organization, Antonio Becali, and some interventions by other directors of Cuban sport, Diaz-Canel addressed fundamental issues in order to continue to develop the sport on the island.

He also praised the excellent work that has been done in the recovery of sports facilities throughout the country, warned about the new modalities used by the enemies of the Revolution to try to discredit Cuban sport and criticized the orientation in the management policies.

‘I sometimes notice a lot of improvisation in baseball,’ he said, ‘but it can’t be that every year we change the director of a team,’ he added.

Becali said it was a year of good results in the sport and said that we must continue to work to reach new goals, including the Central American and Caribbean Games in Barranquilla, Colombia, in which Cuba aspires to attend with a delegation of more than 500 athletes and maintain the first place.

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