Cuban, US Designers Exhibit Posters in Havana

Havana, June 10 (Prensa Latina) US and Cuban designers are exhibiting a 30-poster exhibition on Monday at the Estudio 50 gallery in Havana as part of the Sharing dreams project, which ratifies the value of art as a cultural bridge.

The exhibition is part of the Second Havana Design Biennial, contains works by 15 US and 15 Cuban designers with issues related to war, love, life, culture and the guitar.

This exhibition hosted by the Pablo de la Torriente Brau Cultural Center of Cuba, aims to foster graphic design and the poster, as well as strengthen joint work between both countries, which was born in 2004 as a feedback meeting between Cuban and US designers.

Sharing dreams has the support of the Cuban Pro-Graphical Committee and the American Institute of Graphic Arts Center for Cross-Cultural Design.

Recently Ediciones La Memoria, from the Pablo de la Torriente Brau Cultural Center, presented the catalog entitled Memories. Sharing Dreams, which gathers a synthesis of the project as a written and illustrated testimony of over 70 designers and their link through theoretical events and exhibitions.

The Biennial proposes a vision focused on the user’s experience. It builds an environment where design is a synonym of well-being, stimulating the bond of senses and boosts authentic design.

According to the director of the Pablo de la Torriente Brau Cultural Center, Victor Casaus, these meetings began during the era of George W. Bush and in a certain way the creators imposed themselves on the political obstacles to share dreams, ideas and experiences.

Both the exhibition and the book born on this experience are, according to its protagonists, a success in the work of the center for its capacity to combine the love, music, graphic creation and talent of designers from Cuba and the United States able to show a different panorama of visions, dreams and complicity.


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