Cuban Traditional Ensemble Orquesta Aragon to Mark 75th anniversary

Cienfuegos, Cuba, Jul 30.- The Aragón Orchestra, which has taken Cuban music to more than 40 countries in Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa, will be paid a tribute in this city of central-southern Cuba on its 75th anniversary. Cienfuegos, 250 km southeast from Havana, heard the initial strains of the orchestra founded by double bass player Orestes Aragon on September 30, 1939.

On that same day this year, a concert has been scheduled at the Tomas Terry Theater, announced here Carlos Diaz, Director of the Benny More Cultural Center of the Arts.

He added that celebrations will also include the First Colloquium Por los Caminos de la Musica (Through the Ways of Music), to be held on Sep. 29- Oct. 1 at the Benny More Cultural Center of the Arts, co-sponsored by the University of Cienfuegos and the Jose Marti National Library.

Diaz said that the event will insist on the relation between Cuban popular music genius Benny More (1919-1963) and the Aragon Orchestra since the early 50s, thus filling a gap in the field of musicological studies.(Prensa Latina)

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