Cuban team preparing to get back in line with top judo countries

The Cuban athletes are training in Budapest prior to the upcoming World Championships. A team of 13 Cuban judokas is now on a training base in Budapest to get into top shape to take part in the tournament, which will be held in Budapest from August 30th to September 3rd.

Over the last 10 years the Cuban medals decreased from five in 2007 including two world champion to one bronze medal in 2015 for Idalys Ortiz. 2009 was okay with three medals, same for 2010, 2011 delivered just one bronze for Asley Gonzalez who won the world title in 2013 together with Ortiz. 2014 was pretty good with again Ortiz as world champion and four medals in total but the last edition in Astana delivered just bronze.

Since 1992 Cuba has delivered at least three medals per Olympic Games, but in Rio only Ortiz won a silver medal. There is lots of work to do for this traditional judo and boxing nation.

The Cuban men’s team is headed by 90-kg fighter Asley Gonzalez, Olympic runner-up in London in 2012 and World Champion in Rio de Janieiro in 2013.

Besides, there is Alex Garcia (+ 100 kg), fifth place in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

The list is completed with six male competitors, including Yandy Torres (60), Osniel Solís (66), Magdiel Estrada (73), Jorge Martínez (81), Iván Silva (90) and Andy Granda (100).

Among the ladies, Cuba will be represented by Melissa Hurtado (48), Anailys Dorvigny (57), Maylin del Toro (63), Kaliema Antomarchi (78) and Elianis Aguilar (+78).

The coaches will be Julio Alderete and Felix Portuondo (male and female team, respectively) and will be accompanied by male team trainer Yordanis Arencibia and physiotherapist Jorge Velazquez.

Doctor Uvelino Moreno and female trainer Driulis Gonzalez will join the team later. Driulis has some personal problems and Moreno is in Bahamas, representing the International Judo Federation., July 20, 2017

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