Cuban Sugar Production Grows

Havana, Mar 5 (Prensa Latina) Sugar production in the current sugar-cane harvest exceeds by 29 percent the same period in the previous year and more than half the amount planned for the whole season, sugar business group Azcuba reported today.

According to a report by Azcuba, the sugar production season, in which the 50 sugar mills programmed, shows higher rates of efficiency and sugar quality. Better industrial outputs have been achieved, as well as milling raters that exceed 70 percent and sucrose productions that had not been achieved since 2005, with six more sugar mills operating, the report said.

The sugar-business group said that although 53 percent of the sugar production planned for the whole harvest season has been accumulated, it is facing a 6.5-day delay in the sugar-cane milling, due to industrial problems and difficulties in the harvest and transportation.

The text also said that the historic records show that when the harvest reaches February 28 with more than 50 percent of the planned sugar production achieved, as it has happened in the current season, the probabilities of fuldilling the plan are high.

However, the group warned that if the difficulties identified are not solved, it would be difficult to reach the planned production figure.


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