Cuban sports foster values

Sports activities increase as the years pass, if we go back to the beginning of the revolution, there were barely some sports facilities and technical force was practically zero.

This was remarked by Gregorio Valdes Fernandez and Alberto Viltres Victoria, founders of the National Sports and Recreation Institute (INDER, by its acronym in Spanish), who recognize the steps of progress and implementation of science as fresh element of training in sports high performance.

The leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro Ruz, began the great battle for the overcoming and attention to sports, by building modern schools for the training of technicians and graduates in sports, to place then in every province the elite centers that are responsible for training skills in athletes who will integrate national teams in the future.

Another significant aspect in these 54 years of the creation of the INDER is related to the construction of sports facilities in educational centers and especially in the most remote areas. An example is evident in volleyball and basketball, disciplines that have courts in all schools and are today cultural heritage along with baseball.

Also the guarantee of having a PE teacher at each school and specialists in recreation to liven up activities in neighborhoods, in physical culture to guide grandparents clubs and advise people who go to open- air gyms, which undoubtedly help the population to be healthy through the systematic practice of sports.

The football and baseball cups, competitions between workplaces are also the mainstay of massive and participatory sport.

Values of responsibility, love of sports, respect and honesty are encouraged in these competitions.

It is the forge that allows the territory to select the most talented athletes to integrate the sports high performance ranks in Camaguey and in the whole country.

The top leadership of  INDER is acknowledged for advances in recent years where the humane collaboration as trainers stands out in several regions of the world that extol the prestige of Cuban sports worldwide.

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